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Geetar Man


Designer Color (a water soluable paint) on mat board.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Goo, Goo Kajoob


You can't have come of age during the sixties and not be influenced by The Beatles. I never felt a need to take drugs as long as I could delve into my imagination through their music. Even today, my ipod has more Beatles music than any other artist.

Here are some cartoons of John, Paul and George. I had a Ringo drawing, but can't seem to find it. And yes, I now know a bass has 4 strings not six. I should know, it was my instrument of choice when I was playing with Hermanos Guzanos.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Beverly Hills Rat


This is a story that never saw light of day.

The husband of my then boss wanted to be a screenwriter. He knew I was a cartoonist, so he asked me to illustrate this story hoping to generate some buzz some where. I actually like the art on this one. It wasn't done in full 10x15 size so it may seem a little claustrophobic, I tried to do it as detailed as full size. It was also a little more adult than my usual stuff. I like drawing some else's story, especially when they don't put in their 50 cents. This guy gave me carte blanche.


A couple of rock and rollers.

Marc Bolan of T.Rex

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin

Snarf! Gasp!


By the time I did the second Marvin Aardvark story I had graduated to Bristol Board and standard comic size 10x15 pages.
Hopefully there is progression in my story telling skills as well.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hero of the Spaceways, Marvin Aardvark!


Back in the late sixties and early seventies, I was a teenager looking to find a way to express myself through art. My influences up to then were mainly Mad magazine and Warner Brothers cartoons. So it will come as no surprise then that my first attempts at comic book stuff would be of a slightly humorous bent reflecting those influences.
Actually, if you read the first story presented here, you will see that I swiped and lifted wholesale from them.

This is the first drawing of my hero Marvin Aardvark. Note that I hadn't worked out what to do with the nose yet.

Here we see Marvin in a Jim Steranko style pose.

I also tried to make him beefier.

Eventually I settled on a set character design and tried my hand at an actual story. It was done on soft pulpy drawing paper with a crowquill pen nib. What did I know, I was just a kid. As you can see, the story is pretty much a wholesale swipe of Bugs Bunny and Marvin Martian, but we learn and hopefully grow beyond our influences as the years go by.

Tomorrow I will post the second story featuring Marvin Aardvark.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fantastic Fable #3 by Ambrose Bierce


This one is my favorite

Into The Vortex


Over at Monster Alley, Gary Wray cracked open a little Vortex #12 with his "Devil Robots From Outer Space". This particular issue also saw the publication of my story "Tourists". Enjoy.

Hey, all you guys and gals heading out to the San Diego con this weekend, have a safe and fun outing and don't do anything you wouldn't do in front of the wife!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tell Me Where It Hurts


By courtesy of "Fab Ion #6".

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This is the last page of Fab Ion #2. Page 8 is a different kind of strip for me and Gary. We wrote done 6 different verbs or actions like "riding a roller coaster" and put them in a hat. Then, we wrote down 6 nouns or characters like "a giant brain" and put them in a hat. Then we drew one of each to give us a panel to illustrate. There are more to post later, but for now, enjoy "Cheap Thrills".

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Monster Alley


Pleased to direct your attention to my pal Gary Wray's blog "Monster Alley".

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paGe 5

PaGe 4

Page 3

page 2

Fab Ion #2


Fab Ion #2 was a collection of one page comics I had done. Over the course of this week I will post a page a day.

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Chinamans Ghost pt.2


Back on June 30 I posted the unfinished pages of a story called "Chinaman's Ghost".
I found the planning sketches for it and thought I'd share. These were done full size in Sharpie fine point on cheap paper.