Monday, September 15, 2008



Back in the late sixties, there was an explosion of underground comics. Artists like Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Robert Williams and others writing and drawing strange narratives and drug inspired craziness.

"Boris" was an attempt to express my stranger side. Inspired by Bobby London's "Dirty Duck" ( which was inspired by George Herrimann's "Krazy Kat"). A rather tame effort, in 1972 I was 18 years old and to this day have never partaken of anything stronger than a gin collins once in awhile. My strangeness was from within. Drawn on soft 9x11 drawing paper, the first one was inked with a crow quill pen! The second one was never finished and is still in a pencilled state. Enjoy.

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silvano said...

It's very interesting to see how you were developing the page ; THanks for sharing !