Monday, June 9, 2008


Some character studies for an aborted project of mine. It was going to be about an air race of the future around the world in giant aircraft. Lots of aliens and stuff.

This was going to be the hero.

The little guy was another pilot. The baboon guy was the hero's crew cheif.

This was the bad guy. A real nasty.


silvano said...

Hello and thanks for updating for more new kick-ass artwork ! These concept drawings of characters look really cool ; am I wrong or they have an "Eigties SF" flavor in them ? By the way , would you like to exchange links ?
Please let me know
Best Regards

bzak said...


No need to ask. Most of the links at the side were put there by me so that others might find them.
If you hadn't noticed, they are an eclectic group representing my varied interests. Some day I'll get around to putting my interest in model aircraft and World War One aviation on the list.

So please, exchanfe away!

Brian James Riedel

silvano said...

Hello ; I've added your blog to my link list ; please visit my blog

and do the same
Thank you !