Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Beverly Hills Rat


This is a story that never saw light of day.

The husband of my then boss wanted to be a screenwriter. He knew I was a cartoonist, so he asked me to illustrate this story hoping to generate some buzz some where. I actually like the art on this one. It wasn't done in full 10x15 size so it may seem a little claustrophobic, I tried to do it as detailed as full size. It was also a little more adult than my usual stuff. I like drawing some else's story, especially when they don't put in their 50 cents. This guy gave me carte blanche.

1 comment:

silvano said...

One of the best comics I saw on your blog ; a real pity it never had been printed . All the artwork and storytelling is outstanding but really love the panel with the mice climbing the palm tree ...