Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fantastic Fables #1 by Ambrose Beirce


Way back when, I was working for a florist as a delivery driver. Lunchtime was a full hour. The neighborhood was full of antique shops, delis and most important, used bookstores. I would walk to a bookstore and browse the shelves for Art and comic stuff (found a real cool Krazy Kat collection), astrology, and short story anthologies.
I don't have the patience or memory for novels of any length. Short stories are my limit. I would buy all sorts of collections. My favorites are Robert Benchley, James Thurber, Ring Lardner and Ambrose Bierce.

Now Bierce can be a bit dark and cynical for some, but not me. His most famous story is "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge". He wrote some scary stuff as well. Will Eisner used "The Thing" for a 1948 Spirit section. His death was also a mystery. He went down to Mexico with Pancho Villa in 1913 and just disappeared.

Some of my favorite Bierce stories were his "Fantastic Fables". I took a crack at using them for comics, mostly to have something to draw, since my writing is slow and labored. The wisdom in them applies now, as then, back in 1899.

This one of them, with more to follow.

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silvano said...

I don't know in the States, but here in Italy , usually Bierce is quite "forgotten" among Poe and Lovecraft ; a real shame !
Ni ce cartoon !