Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Goo, Goo Kajoob


You can't have come of age during the sixties and not be influenced by The Beatles. I never felt a need to take drugs as long as I could delve into my imagination through their music. Even today, my ipod has more Beatles music than any other artist.

Here are some cartoons of John, Paul and George. I had a Ringo drawing, but can't seem to find it. And yes, I now know a bass has 4 strings not six. I should know, it was my instrument of choice when I was playing with Hermanos Guzanos.


silvano said...

Hey Brian , these are among your best stuff ; a whole era is summed up in these 3 lil' pics .
And , by the way , I'm not very much into the Beatles' music (not even the Stones' , in any case ), but the YELLOW SUBMARINE animated movie has had a deep influnece on me ...

bzak said...

Howdy, sometimes you have to of been there to understand all the hooplah. I still find it mind boggling that people think Abba is the greatest band ever! And before you get the impression I'm some old fogey who stopped listening to music after 1970, some of my favorite bands are Tool, Mission of Burma, Soundgarden Kyuss, Dean Martin, Louis Prima, Louis Jordan, Artie Shaw, Big Black and on and on.

Brian James Riedel

Karswell said...

I love The Beatles and ABBA so I'm the ultimate outcast apparently. But these paintings are great too... I'm sorry I haven't been stopping by more often, so much good stuff. Nice work. Are these for sale too? I'd love that Lennon on my wall.