Saturday, July 5, 2008



So, Gary Wray(Tobonga) and I have worked together along with our pal Darrell Draeger(Eegah) on a number of different projects. We recorded a whole lot of DIY cassette tapes as "Hermanos Guzanos". Did a cable access show called "Offbeat" were we showed music videos of our stuff as well as some of our favorite bands. Gary and Darrell have also produced and written direct to dvd movies in the 50's and 60's style we all love so much. Of course for every project we actually followed through on, there were many that only got to the planning stages.

"X-ville" was one of them. Conceived as a live action muppet-like puppet show, "X-ville" is an orphaned child. We did get to the character design stage though. Here are our stars, with commentary from Gary.

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